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Bitcoins are a digital, decentralized and anonymous currency. This is a great thing! The transaction of Bitcoins flow in the P2P network between these Bitcoin clients and are handled 100% by these.

Obtaining Bitcoins can be difficult. We gives you the opportunity to use your credit card, as you do with any other online purchase, and thus avoiding the cumbersome steps of a bank-transfer.

Why Bitcoin

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Fast Transactions Bitcoin transactions are P2P based, and they only takes a few hours. Furthermore, you will receive a notification as soon as the transaction has been completed.
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Use your Creditcard We offer exchange via credit card. This makes our exchange very easy to use, and our system incorporates the speed of the P2P network, with the security of creditcard payments.
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No central bank Bitcoins are managed by its own network, without a central authority. This means no transactionfees, open 24/7, and 100% unstoppable. Bitcoin is like any other valuta, it is just digital and purely P2P.
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Some customers have been affected of errors while creation orderes. The problems have now been fixed, and everything is back to normal


  • Easy to use!
    - Luis Zuno, Buyer